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Sienna 8 Months

Posted in Parenting, Sienna, Sleeping by Katie on March 27, 2014


Weight: 17 lbs 3oz

Diaper Size: 2/3

Likes: Nursing, eating (carrots, sweet potato and squash), creeping, putting things in your mouth, Daddy spinning a ball on his finger, balloons, Lexi making noises, “so big!”

Dislikes: Mommy leaving the room, being held by anyone besides Mom or Dad, peas (still)

Eye color: Brown

Clothing: 6/9 month

Temperament: Happy, some separation anxiety

Milestones: More vocal sounds (da-da-da), first St. Patrick’s Day, first Spring


Sienna, darling, you are two-thirds of the way through your first year!  These last eight months have already transformed you in so many ways, it’s hard to believe you’re that same little baby who wouldn’t let me sleep for longer than an hour at a time last summer.  But now sleep is had by all, and it is just as wonderful as I remember!  Although you DO sleep for a good 11 hours a night, since you’re down at 6:30pm that means your usual wake up time is 5:30am.  Every day I try to lull you back to sleep in my bed so I can catch a couple more Z’s but it only works half the time.  The other half of the time is a large coffee day.


It’s not surprising you sleep so well as you are on the move all day!  Not quite crawling, but “creeping” as the doctor likes to say.  Which is essentially that “army crawl” and I don’t care what they call it, you’re able to get around pretty efficiently without even getting up on your knees.  It’s pretty funny once you see something a few feet away that catches your interest as you pretty much put on your blinders and make a beeline for said object.  In a house that also holds a toddler, this means I am constantly picking up and hiding “choking-sized” objects as those are, of course, your favorite.  You are at that age where all the things immediately go in your mouth so it’s a fun little challenge to keep you safe.


Sure enough, while taking your 8 month pics you got up on your knees. Commence crawling in 3…2…


Back in your 6-month post I talked about your slightly flat head, and although we’ve been doing stretches recommended by the physical therapist (you have minor torticollis), I started to stress about that head of yours.  I didn’t think it was too extreme, but the window for correction with a helmet was rapidly closing (they recommend before 9 months) so this month I took you to a free consultation when they took some skull measurements.  It was pretty easy, the doctor just measured with a tape measure and then did a quick scan where we got to see an actual image on the computer to figure out where you fall on the head charts.  To my relief, your issue is a minor one and the doctor said that we have nothing to worry about.  So back to stretches and hopefully when your hair grows out it will disguise any remaining imperfections.

Sienna's head scan - you can see the slight flattening on the bottom right quadrant.

Sienna’s head scan – you can see the slight flattening on the bottom right quadrant.

Something I’m also hoping you will soon grow out of is your reflux.  Even as a tiny baby you spit up more than Lexi ever did, and even now at eight months you will still spit up several times a day, especially when you’re goofing around on your tummy.  You’re still gaining a healthy amount of weight so I hesitate to put you back on medication, but I also wish I didn’t smell like a soaked burp cloth by 5pm every day.  As soon as you get through this phase we are bringing in the carpet cleaners tout de suite.

On a lighter note, your Daddy and I (and your big sister!) are so amused by your laughter.  We each have our own special way of making you grin: Lexi makes silly noises, Daddy will spin a soccer ball on his finger and I just like to cover you with kisses, although you also respond to being “surprised.”  The best is still when you just laugh out of nowhere, like when I was holding you during a windy day and you just started giggling from the air hitting your face.  Whatever floats your boat, baby!


I’m looking forward to the next few months before you hit your first birthday.  I can’t believe you are almost a toddler and am just hoping you hold onto that amazing sweetness that we’ve come to love so much.  I love you, Cici!




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