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Sienna’s First Easter (And Lexi’s Fourth!)

Posted in Family, Holidays, Lexi, Sienna by Katie on April 22, 2014


We are just beginning to come down from a fun Easter weekend around here.  On Saturday we colored eggs; it went only slightly better than last year, as Lexi is now a little more coordinated, but it is still a pretty messy endeavor to attempt with a three year old.  We allowed Cici to observe from afar and as always, I think it was just exciting for her to be around all three of us at once.  Someone is always smiling at her!



Lexi has been asking “is it going to be Easter when I wake up?” for the last two months so it was pretty great to finally say “yes!” on Saturday night.  She then apparently replied to Brent: “I’m so excited!”  She can be pretty cute sometimes, I guess.  Once the kids were in bed the “Easter Bunny” came and put everything together.

The next morning we brought the girls downstairs to open baskets and then search for eggs outside.  Can I take a second to tell you how crazy it has been trying to get my hands on some Frozen merch?  So I took Lexi to see the movie in January, and maybe a week later we saw this Elsa doll at the Disney store and I told her that maybe the Easter Bunny would bring her one.  I go back in February and it is sold out.  It is still out of stock in March and eventually I am checking online daily and calling the Disney Store twice a week and nothing.  Finally a couple weeks ago I go online and the doll is there, but says “out of stock” so I refresh until it lets me add it to my cart and I quickly check out.  The doll arrives on Thursday…three days before Easter.  That’s some luck, right there.  But Lexi’s reaction made it worth the struggle.


Cici was excited to dive into her first Easter basket, which included non-candy items like puffs, a book and a teething toy.  Putting together Easter baskets for the under-one set is always a creative endeavor.



Next up was the patio Easter egg hunt.  I made up one special egg for Cici, full of puffs, and she hunted it like nobody’s business.  Lexi was also very eager to look for eggs, I think she was even more excited about this activity than the Easter baskets.




The rest of the day we tried to hang out outside as much as possible – it was the epitome of a perfect Spring day.  Have I mentioned how much I love Southern California?  It’s so beautiful here every month out of the year.  Luckily Lexi was eager to be outside most of the day as her new favorite hobby is collecting roly polys (sp?).  I feel kinda bad about it because it’s about a 50/50 survival rate for the poor bugs, like when Lexi looks up at me after playing with one and says, “This one kind of just broke in half.” Ugh.  So we throw those ones in the bushes to help them “feel better.”  There is like, a roly poly graveyard next to our garage.  RIP.

So this weekend I gave thanks for my beautiful girls and their awesome Daddy and the beautiful weather.  We are one lucky family. At least luckier than all the roly poly bugs in the near vicinity.





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